Monday, February 19, 2018

Compression Clothing and ZeroPoint Compression, New Sponsor offering 30% off Purchases

We are pleased to introduce new program sponsor, ZeroPoint Compression. Mountain Sports Club members now save 30 % on purchases of ZeroPoint Compresssion gear. Simply use promotion code MSCD18 when making your purchase at checkout. 
ZeroPoint Compression is an industry leader in high performance medical grade graduated compression and precision fit socks, sleeves, tights and tops.  These products benefit everyone from elite athletes to people with circulation issues caused by conditions like diabetes.  They are also fantastic for extended sitting from long travel, work or for people who just need to sit.  We generally have much higher blood pressure in our arteries, much lower pressure in the veins.  Our bodies are challenged to move blood from our extremities back to the heart.  High-end compression wear aids the venous valves in moving blood from the extremities to the heart, providing better circulation.  They also aid the lymph system creating better cleansing of metabolic waste.  They aid in recovery, the prevention of clots and injury prevention.   They are also warmer for cold weather activities than traditional base layers and socks, again due to better circulation.  Don’t just settle for insulation and wicking in your base layers and socks, get the better circulation as well.  ZeroPoint Compression wear products are so sophisticated they are registered with the FDA as medical devices. 

Our arms and legs can feel heavy and inflammation can occur during and after exercise. This is the result of the excess load on venous valves that carry blood from our extremities to the heart.  Compression products improve venous valve function providing better blood flow to the heart. Your muscles receive more oxygen.  Compression affects the deep lymphatic system by creating external mechanical pressure and improved lymph circulation.  More metabolic waste is removed.   If sophisticated graduated compression socks and sleeves and targeted compression tops and bottoms are used the body is better able to manage the circulation and lymph system demands.

Initially compression products were relatively simple, a stretchy fabric using the same compression along the entire garment.  The new products are much more sophisticated.  At ZeroPoint we use only medical grade graduated compression in all our socks and sleeves.  The strongest compression is around the ankle, which then gradually decreases towards the top to efficiently transport the blood back towards your heart and speed up the lactic acid removal.  The elasticity and compression
levels are always designed for a specific use and it is therefore important that you carefully measure your calf and ankle to make sure you have the right sizing to get the most out of your compression experience.  The tops and bottom use targeted compression, again higher mechanical compression at the extremities, less as you move up the arm or leg.

ZeroPoint only produces compression products and as a result uses a much more sophisticated approach to applying the right amount of compression depending on where it contacts your body and what type of athlete you are.  Much research is being conducted with universities, athletes and sports labs to determine the precise amounts used, where it’s applied and how this affects muscle output and recovery.  This is done so precisely we offer very exact dimensions for sizing, measurements in
different parts of the body to get exactly the right fit and therefore performance.  At ZeroPoint we realize you only get graduated compression with precision fit against all parts of the body. Now with the Mountain Sports Club 30% savings, we provide the best gear at the best prices for you.

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