Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Support Whaleback Ski Area Fundraising and Mountain Update

We strongly support the efforts of many locals to keep non profit local ski areas up and operating. One such notable effort comes from the folks at Whaleback Ski Area in New Hampshire.

They work tirelessly to keep the area open, improve the quality of the experience and accessible to many locals. Below is a recent update on the efforts. Please support them and others like them. 

This week was a busy one to say the least. Significant progress is being made on the two major capital projects occurring this year:

  • The concrete for the T-Bar's base terminal and towers 1 and 2 was poured on Friday. Next week the remainder of the towers will be poured followed by the top terminal last. It is amazing to see serious progress being made on what we believe will be a transformative addition to the mountain.
  • The crew is making great strides rebuilding our snow making pump house as you can see from the above picture. We will be ready when our Variable Speed Drive is delivered in September. More water on the hill pumped more efficiently = more snow.
Fundraising update - we have a great opportunity to garner an additional $50,000 with a match. In other words, if we raise $50,000 from the community, it will be matched with an additional $50,000. To make it even more fun, anyone who has given or gives $100 or more will be eligible for a random drawing to receive a $200 Gift Certificate to Golf and Ski Warehouse! Make your gift today—you make a difference!

This is an amazing opportunity for Whaleback to gain much needed capital for off-season repairs and to continue preparing for winter. We have capital intensive modifications to the summit chair towers ahead of us in order to meet new Tramway Board laws and regulations that were enacted this year.

Please visit https://whaleback.com/donation to make your gift today and help us reach our challenge goal! Checks can also be sent to UVSSF: 160 Whaleback Mountain Road, Enfield, NH 03748.

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