Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February is National Boot Fitting Month

As the calendar turns to February for skiers and snowboarders it is time to dial in your boots if not done so already. February is National Boot Fitting Month. 

What do you do when your boots don't fit?
Some skiers just grin and bear it but there are specialists that can help you solve your fit and performance issues!

With properly fitting boots you can experience:
Improved performance
Being properly fit and aligned will add new life to your skiing with no lessons in sight.
Improved comfort
Because who doesn't dream of a better fit?
Custom fit
Your boots should be as unique as your feet.
Improved warmth
A properly fit ski boot is one more step to take towards that nirvana of toasty toes.

With the holiday rush over, February is the perfect month to head to your nearest Bootfitting pro!
You have probably had your skis tuned and waxed, now it's time to get your boots dialed in!

Head over to your closest America's Best Bootfitter shop today and spend the rest of your season with happier feet!

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