Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Whaleback Mountain Free Lift Ticket and 2 for 1 lift tickets

Whaleback Mountain in Enfield, New Hampshire will offer 2 for 1 lift tickets all season for Mountain Sports Club premium members valid all season including holidays. For a limited time there is also a Free Lift Ticket valid any day option available with the premium plus membership. Register and join today to save all winter.

Whaleback Mountain is now a locally owned non profit operated by the Upper Valley Snowsports Foundation. There are many great programs and services they provide. Please support the local mountain's efforts as they are a cornerstone in our communities to keep people outdoors and active. Here is some background.

Why UVSSF Has Purchased and Is Enhancing Whaleback Mountain

The UVSSF, a nonprofit 501(c)(3), has purchased Whaleback Mountain Parcel A and associated assets. This purchase is in line with UVSSF’s mission to support snow sports in the Upper Valley. There are a number of compelling reasons driving this mission:
Whaleback is an invaluable community asset that serves thousands of adult and youth winter sports enthusiasts annually;
Whaleback offers programs and pricing that allow a large Upper Valley population to participate in snow sports who otherwise could not afford to;
It has been made evident that there is a significant need for a training facility that caters to the alpine and freestyle disciplines in both skiing and snowboarding;
There is a noteworthy number of youths who do not participate in traditional team sports who greatly benefit from Whaleback and related programs;
The purchase of Whaleback by a nonprofit provides an opportunity for making Whaleback a sustainable business, therefore greatly extending its life as a community asset.

UVSSF feels strongly that Whaleback’s benefit to the community must be preserved and strengthened and that its future can best be secured by the nonprofit’s purchase.

Educational Programs & Camps
Over 300 youths attended affordable weekly after school instructional programs. These students come from nine towns: Canaan, Enfield, Grantham, Hartford, Hartland, Lebanon, Plainfield, Weathersfield, and Windsor. Many are beginners and rent equipment, and might not ski or ride otherwise.
More than 130 youths participated in our winter vacation camps that include full day instruction and progression plans for each student. This program has very discounted prices.

-The Whaleback Mountain Club has 70 young athletes between the ages of 5 and 17, and families. There are athletes in developmental and competitive programs. All WMC families receive a 25% discount on season passes.
-75 athletes with the Ford Sayre Ski Council trained at Whaleback weekly.
-More than 25 Kimball Union Academy athletes trained weekly, and more than 25 participated in a recreational program.
-Cardigan Mountain School had 18 athletes training at Whaleback weekly. Cardigan recreational skiers and snowboarders also visited.

Whaleback hosted a number of events for all ages that include the disciplines of alpine, moguls, and slopestyle. More than 500 athletes from the Northeast competed at Whaleback this winter. Events included: Masters of the Mountain (150) young athletes; private school alpine race (100), 3 USSA mogul events (230+), USSA slopestyle (60), KUA Alum race (25). In addition, there is our weekly adult race league with 220-plus participants.

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