Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Skiers and Snowboarders, Save on skis, snowboards, bindings and make money!!!!

At RAMP we love industry insiders and we know to launch a new high performance brand the best thing we can do is have insiders riding our skis and snowboards.  So we want to make a special offer to Mountain Sports Club members and Mountain Action Network subscribers and viewers.

Ski discount Code:            BROMS1    35% off MSRP
Snowboard Binding Code: BROMB1    20% off MSRP

Here is how you order:
1)    Go to 
2)    When you have your RAMP Products in your shopping cart at checkout, paste your coupon code for skis, bindings or snowboards in the coupon code box.  Click apply coupon.
3)    If you have a ski and a binding you enter the ski code, apply coupon, then the binding code and apply coupon, this way you get both discounts.  Same process for a ski and a snowboard.
4)    FedEx ground shipping is no charge.  You can choose a quicker option and the site automatically computes the cost.

RAMP is committed to eliminating waste and providing you great value.  We will ship your new skis or snowboard in a padded ski-board bag, which you can keep using, no wasteful cardboard box.

In addition, we are welcoming you and your members to join us as RAMP Reps. Go to to sign up.  Anytime somebody buys equipment and your account is attached to the order you earn 10% commission.

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