Friday, July 2, 2010

Hiking Colorado 14 ers, The list of 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado

Summer in Colorado for many entails knocking off the hike to the summit of one, or several, of Colorado's 14,000 foot peaks. The following is a list of the peaks for you to start your plans to summit.

Colorado Fourteeners

Name                             Mountain Range              High In Feet
Blanca Peak                    Sangre de Cristo                 14,345
Ellingwood Point              Sangre de Cristo                14,042
Mount Lindsey                 Sangre de Cristo                14,042
Mount Massive                Sawatch                             14,421
Mount Elbert                    Sawatch                             14,433
La Plata Peak                   Sawatch                             14,336
Mount Huron                    Sawatch                             14,012
Missouri Mountain            Sawatch                             14,067
Mount Oxford                  Sawatch                             14,153
Mount Belford                 Sawatch                              14,197
Mount Harvard                Sawatch                              14,420
Mount Columbia              Sawatch                              14,073
Mount Yale                     Sawatch                               14,196
Mount Princeton              Sawatch                               14,197
Mount Tabeguache          Sawatch                               14,155
Mount Antero                  Sawatch                               14,269
Mount Humboldt              Sangre de Cristo                  14,064
Pikes Peak                       Front                                   14,110
Handies Peak                   San Juan                              14,048
Mount Elbert                    Sawatch                               14,433
Mount Shavano                Sawatch                               14,229
Redcloud Peak                 San Juan                              14,034
Sunshine Peak                  San Juan                              14,001
Mount Sherman                Tenmile-Mosquito                14,036
Mount Democrat              Tenmile-Mosquito                14,148
Mount Lincoln                  Tenmile-Mosquito                14,286
Mount Bross                    Tenmile-Mosquito                14,172
Quandary Peak                Tenmile-Mosquito                14,265
Mount Bierstadt                Front                                   14,060
Mount Evans                     Front                                   14,264
Grays Peak                       Front                                   14,270
Torreys Peak                    Front                                   14,267
Mt. Of The Holy Cross     Sawatch                               14,005
Castle Peak                      Elk                                       14,265
Challenger Point               Sangre de Cristo                   14,081
Kit Carson Peak              Sangre de Cristo                   14,165
San Luis Peak                  San Juan                               14,014
Uncompahgre                   San Juan                               14,309
Wetterhorn Peak              San Juan                               14,015
Mount Sneffels                 San Juan                               14,150
Crestone Needle              Sangre de Cristo                   14,197
Culebra Peak                   Sangre de Cristo                   14,047
Crestone Peak                 Sangre de Cristo                   14,249
el Diente                           San Juan                               14,159
Mount Wilson                   San Juan                               14,250
Little Bear                         Sangre de Cristo                   14,037
Wilson Peak                     San Juan                               14,017
Windom Peak                  San Juan                                14,082
Sunlight Peak                   San Juan                                14,059
Mount Eolus                     San Juan                               14,083
Maroon Peak                    Elk Mountains                      14,156
North Maroon Peak          Elk Mountains                      14,014
Pyramid Peak                    Elk Mountains                      14,018
Snowmass Mountain          Elk Mountains                      14,092
Longs Peak                       Front                                    14,259
Capitol Peak                     Elk Mountains                       14,130
Mount Lindsey                  Sangre de Cristo                   14,042
Torreys Peak                    Front                                     14,267

Enjoy your hikes and summits. Remember to start early, be prepared, lots of water, food, sunscreen and layers for changing weather and conditions.

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