Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mountain Sports Club in the News - Spotlight at

The growing Mountain Sports Club presence and acceptance continues to lead to new media coverage. This past month a front page story was run titled - "The Evolution of Ski Card International.

This is a very insightful interview and article wiht founder John Siewierski on the backgroupnd thinking an dplans for our prmotional online service and community.

Here is a sneak preview of the article and interview:

"Mountain Sports Club also becomes valuable tool for other associated businesses including all those retailers who are not good at collecting information such as email, names and addresses. This current iteration is able to reach out well past just lift tickets and help the merchants and shops."

"And of course it is much more economical to be in a digital world than in a print and mail order world. We can really engage the customer now, and in so many more ways with the new 2.0 web technology."

While his ideas, and the ideas of the web's great innovators are sometimes slow to catch on, Siewierski firmly believes he has the right product for the right audience.
"The mountain visitor - they are much more savvy. From a technology standpoint they are the early adopters. I believe we can do for mountain resorts communities and activities what a AAA has done for vacation and travelers."

"Our goal is to be very focused and have a very rich offering for mountain resorts and communities. Widespread participation is developing. We make online booking and reservations very easy and we strive to really be a glue for many facets of the industry."

Look for more details on new prmotional programs and particpants over the summer and early Fall 2008.

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