Friday, February 8, 2008

Spotlight on MyMountainSportsClub

Do you like to watch YouTube? Are you constantly updating your profile on MySpace? Well, if you didn't know the Mountain Sports Club has our own social network and media center called MyMountainSportsClub. Members can view and upload photos and videos, post blogs and reviews, and even create groups to notify other members of upcoming mountain outings. Not only can your share your mountain adventures with other mountain enthusiasts but posting and uploading might just get you noticed for some free Schwag!

Member chilly has posted several great blogs and photo galleries and was chosen as one of our November winners. Check out his pictures and stories!

Member marnelong shared some great pictures with us of her son’s snowboarding birthday at Sunlight. Since we know what this mountain enthusiast likes to do in her spare time the MSC team was more than happy to hook her up as our December winner of a pair of tickets to Sunlight!

Do you have any photos, videos, reviews or blogs you’d like to share? Get them posted and increase your chance at being selected as one of our Mountain Sports Club Schwag winners!

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