Monday, August 14, 2006

Antelope Access to Hall Ranch Ride - Lyons, Colorado

I finally made the trip and rode thye Antelope access to the Hall Ranch ride out of lyons, colodao on Sunday(8.13.06). After one year plus of several good riding buddies trying to convince me to ride the new access to Hall Ranch outside of Lyons, Colorado, I made the trip and ride. Living in Boulder, I often ride the south end of town due to time, but with the family gone, and no need for a permission slip out I went. We met first right on town just before the main drag turns right to Estes Park or left to the main Hall Ranch access, at the Barking Dog Cafe for Java and a scone.
This local coffee shop is a must do for the caffeine fans in the crowd. They have a wireless connection as well if you feel compelled to check your email.

To get to the Antelope Trail access one heads up 36 toward Estes Park out of town. As you head up the canyon look for Apple Valley Road on your left. This is the first turn, take it and follow a couple of miles till you see the next signs for the Antelope trail head access. The parking lot fills quick so more and more folks park in town and ride up. From the trail head it is a nice steady climb up to the main Hall Ranch trail, but nothing too narly. For this rider this approach was so much more doable, nd enjoyable, compared to the front side of Hall Ranch, which always does a number on me. I walk significant sections of the front side. Here I was comfortable yet challenged. The trail was much smoother and the entire ride was very enjoyable.

I will be back and make this a regular ride in the future.

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